Preschool & Pre-K Classes

Our Preschool & Pre-K classes are designed for 2 1/2 – 5 year old children to gain all of the skills they will need to enter into Kindergarten in a fun, interactive, God-centered, nurturing, organized, hands-on environment. It is our goal to encourage individual growth in all developmental areas as we promote cognitive, physical, social, emotional & spiritual learning. We use a variety of age appropriate hands-on activities & teachable moments through play; and balance the program with developmentally appropriate academic skills geared to each child’s needs. We strive to help each child understand that they are beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely made by God through Bible teaching, prayer, songs, chapel and everyday experiences with friends.

Learning through Play

Preschool children gain valuable pre-reading and pre-writing skills, preparing them for Pre-K.  Students are also provided with opportunities to work on their fine and gross motor skills, explore using a scientific approach, and work on pre-math skills with our colorful workbook curriculum.

Our Pre-K class is designed for students to gain all of the skills they will need to enter into Kindergarten in the following year. Through an interactive, God-centered, nurturing, organized, hands-on environment and excellent Pre-K Curriculum.

Developing Faith

The Fruits of the Spirit is the over-arching theme of the Preschool classroom, and our play-based environment affords students the opportunity to practice kindness and gentleness, share joy, and learn patience, to name but a few of the Fruits of the Spirit.  We attend chapel weekly with the older students and have daily Bible lessons in the classroom, preparing students for a lifetimeof learning about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Chapel time and Bible lessons teach students that they are forgiven and loved.