Why Stafford Academy?

Small Class Sizes

Most class sizes at Stafford Academy are limited to 16 students and our average student to teacher ratio is 9:1.  No public school in the greater Portland area comes close.  With classes this small, our teachers can provide each student personal attention that is key to excellent academic performance.

Having small class sizes enables our school to participate in activities that are not possible in public schools.  Our field trips include visits to newsrooms, theaters, and businesses that would be overwhelmed by class sizes found in other schools.  And our students benefit from guest teachers who can provide individual attention.

Additionally, small class sizes allow students to work ahead of their grade level if they're ready. 

Extraordinary Teachers

All teachers at Stafford Academy are hand-picked to have extensive education credentials and experience.  But that's just the start.  A strong faith in Christ, proven dedication to education, and superior teaching style are qualities shared by every faculty member.

Combine extraordinary teachers and small class sizes, and you get something very special.  Like teachers inviting classes to their house for a Christmas party, or teachers taking students out to lunch for their birthdays.  Memories like these last a lifetime.


Stafford Academy Preschool, serving children ages 3-5, places emphasis on the development of the whole child through various integrated hands-on lessons and activities. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we nurture each child to achieve his or her full potential and develop an understanding of his or her worth as an unique being created by God.

Morning Preschool is from 8:45AM to 11:45AM, T/TH and/or M/W/F

Morning Pre-Kinder is from 8:45AM to 11:45AM, 4 or 5 days

Full-day Pre-Kinder is from 8:45AM to 3:15PM, 4 or 5 days

Elementary K-6

In a content-rich curriculum, our elementary students discover new worlds of history, literature, math, science, and religious study. They build on their foundations of mathematical awareness to achieve quantitative skills and abilities. Throughout each grade, all of these skills will be progressively built upon and enriched.

Computers are an integral part of first through sixth grade coursework, where students routinely use computers to practice touch-typing skills, document creation, and more.

Elementary class time is from 8:45AM to 3:15PM five days per week.

Additional Information

Additional information on curriculum and policies can be found in the Student Parent Handbook.